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Pentland Outdoor Navigation

Night Navigation Course

People who enjoy walking in the countryside probably do so for exercise, relaxation, to see the views and to enjoy the company of other people. There will generally be no need to for quick navigation decisions. Walks often follow noticeable features for long distances, meaning maps can be put away.

However, some walks involve complex footpath networks in rural areas, farmland, and forest. Other walks may include complex terrain with intricate contour detail.  Any walk may involve lousy weather or poor visibility. In such instances, maintaining constant map and ground contact will be essential

Since humans are not naturally nocturnal animals, seeing at night is limited, especially without artificial light.

We become very unsure of ourselves and our surroundings, especially in unknown terrain. Darkness and disorientation are two primeval human fears, throw in changeable weather conditions, injuries, and you can see why so many hillwalkers find navigation at night a daunting prospect.

This course will highlight the pitfalls of night navigation and how to avoid them, building up the individual's confidence to move across open terrain during the hours of darkness.


Cost: Course £80.00pp  payable in advance of the course start date. The course will not be confirmed until paid for. (If you would prefer a private course for yourself or with a group of friends, let me know when booking)

Cancellation of course. If you (the participant) cancel the course, a cancellation fee of £45 pp will be deducted from the payment. 

There will be no refund if you cancel within 24hrs of the course commencing.

If Pentland Outdoor cancels the course, you will get full payment of the returned monies.

For further information regarding course bookings, please get in touch using the email below:


Participant Review

Carol  25th Feb  2024

Getting out in the hills again with Robert to practice night navigation was excellent. It's not something I would do on my own, but this training with Robert has now increased my confidence in case I'm ever caught in low-visibility conditions.